Hans van der Meer

Hans van der Meer

The website hierbenikthuis.nl went live in about 2005-2006 with the purpose to have a blog where my family could see the progress of our house being built. This was a easy way to share photo's and information. I knew I wanted to try a CMS but wasn't sure about which one. I remember trying Etomite and E107 before I chose Joomla 1.0 We had a intranet at work made in Mambo and I started this website shortly after Joomla was forked from Mambo. So after the house was built I used this website as a personal blog and to share recepies. 

In 2015 I upgraded the website from Joomla 2.5 to 3.3 and I changed my use for it to share my Joomla interesses. This because I am more active in the Joomla community, co-hosting a local Joomla User Group, trying to test tome patches and also moderating a Dutch Joomla! forum joomlacommunity.nl

Here is a list where you can find me online:


Check out some of my running details on Strava!

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