Hierbenikthuis is now on SSL


This is a first summury, there will be a few informative articles about SSL

SSL, I can imagien every internet user has heard of that term. Simply said, SSL is a security layer between the device you are using ( a computer or mobile phone) and the server you are visiting. You don't have to do anything as an user, lucky you. But if you manage a website you have to implement this.

A long time SSL was a paid option, you sometimes had to pay a lot of money to implement a SSL-connection. But not long ago Let's encrypt was established, a organisation who has the goal making SSL easy for most owners of websites. That is why I can now use SSL for my website. 

It has been on a list of mine for a while but it all seemed somewhat difficult, editting code for implementation. But I dsicovered I can implement it on my server with only a few clicks. There is a SSL menu item in DirectAdmin and on the following page you select Let's Encrypt, tick the sub domains you want to use it for and click on OK. That's it! I can imagine Plesk and cPanel offer similar options.


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