For some years now I've been interested in visiting the Joomla World Conference or the JandBeyond conference. But since my Joomla work is only volunteering and a trip like that costs some money I always decided not to go. But since december 2016 I became a member of the Joomla Social Media Team (SMT) and have been chatting with my other team members online. So now it makes more sence to go to an event like that and I bought myself a ticket to the Joomla World Conference held in Rome.

So there I was. Just arrived and greeting some fellow Dutchies who arrived before me and meeting Rowan (member of the organizers). I had dinner in a small restaurant with Peter Martin, a lovely place filled with Italians and not tourists.

On thursday I was invited to the Marketing Team Sprint wich, since SMT is a subteam of the Marketing Team it makes sense. I found the sprint useful, besides meeting the members in real life I also could help in certain topics and also making some useful notes for my team. The day ended with the official start of the JWC, a welcome party. Here I met lot's of people I've seen before and also meeting new faces (but know from online). The one example of not recognizing someone was when I walked by Nicky without recognizing her (sorry about that again).


Friday started with #jRunning, together with Roland. It wasn't on the scheduling, but it was exploring the area where to go running on the next few days. But I stept into a small hole in the ground and slightly sprayned my anckle. I could run to the hotel but it felt like it would be also the last run in Rome. I skipped the #jRunning on Friday and Saturday but did join everyone on Sunday. I just had to run with Anibal and Carlos, the #Joomlers I've been competing in the #jRunning challenge.

During the conference I watched the key presentations from people from the online industry, a little bit ashamed I didn't know anyone of them. Perhaps you do know them, so there was Vitaly Friedman, Kevinjohn Gallagher and Bruce Lawson.

Some topics I visited were:

And then it was sunday evening, the conference was over. Saying goodbye to #Joomlers who were already leaving and I got a bit lost. I made no plans for dinner, never realizing it wasn't organized by the conference anymore. So I first went to the 6th floor where I had access to the meeting place and bar (lucky me) to get a glass of wine and I was surprised to see the room was packed with fellow Joomlers. The evening went by quickly, drinking on the terrace with new and old friends from the community. And the rest of my story, what happens in Rome... 

Photo album from JWC

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