In some cases you would like to change the way a Joomla!® Extension (such as a Component or Module, whether from the Joomla! core or produced by a third party) is displayed on your site. To do so you don't need to rewrite the Extension from scratch. There is another easier way.

The standard output from any Joomla! Module or Component can be overridden by adding code to the "html" directory of your template. The files that are created here, are the Template Overrides. More information and screen shots can be found in our FAQ.

Template Overrides are almost limitless. They allow you to change the standard Joomla! core output (add, edit and remove parts). The Template Manager in the backend can be used to create the necessary files for an override. We will show you how to use overrides as alternative layouts.

There is a website where you can find these template overrides, or if you have one to share you can add it. This website is  

At the J and Beyond 2015 this project won the J.O.S.C.A.R. as "Innovation of the Year". Take a look, maybe you can find somthing usefull!

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