Sonsbeek Parkrun had launched! It was finally there at the 21st of August, the launch of the Sonsbeek Parkrun. It had became a lengthy start due to COVID as the first talks were already in early 2019.

What is Parkrun?

Parlrun is a worldwide initiative where everyone can walk or run a 5 kilometer route and it takes place on every Saturday. You can register at the Parkrun website where after registering you get a personal barcode. You need this barcode for the time registration.

Barcode-, Time registration?

After you have crossed the finish line at a Parkrun you will get a token from a volunteer. The next volunteer will scan your barcode and the your token (which you hand over). This way your time and name will be registered in the system and after the race all timings will be uploaded to the local web site and you will receive an e-mail with your finishing time and even more information, and link to the results page.

Extra finishing data

In the e-mail you receive next to your finish time you can also find more information, just lovely for poeple who love numbers! You can find your age index, gender index for example. I tend to just read it but only take it for notice. and of course it also has a link to the results page of the Parkrun you visited.

Personal page

You also get a personal (profile) page where you can find your most recent results but also which Parkruns you have already have visited before. Also you (not)Parkrun results as your volunteer results.

Becomming a volunteer?

All Parkruns are organised by volunteers. Together we try to give the participants the best experience we can offer. And becomming a volunteer is easy, there is a page with all the information. Some tasks are:

  • Marshall - pointing the participants in the correct direction
  • Tail walker - walking/running with or after the last participant to make sure all participants have finished
  • Pre-event build up / Post-event close down - building the course or cleaning it

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