Since a while now there is a trail route available that goes from train station Dieren over the Posbank to train station Arnhem. With a total of about 28 kilometers this is not a trail most runners will do, luckily Dafne and I are quite busy training for our marathon so that 28 kilometer is about what we should run in the weekend.

After seeing the Berlin marathon on TV we took the train from Arnhem towards Dieren, a 11 minute ride, but the route back to Arnhem will take a little bit more time. But first we took a picture of us with the train station clock in the background, mandatory if you want to participate in the results of this trail from MudSweatTrails.

The first part was getting out of Dieren and then also we were in the forest and the route wasn’t totally flat anymore. We both enjoyed the route and it looked like we were at the Posbank in no time. Here we could enjoy the heath, although it was no longer in bloom. Soon after the Posbank we entered the Veluwezoom and came across a large area of tall grass. This is where I sometimes run from Arnhem, so beautiful and early in the morning it’s still almost no people there.


I was running at Dafne’s pace, but it wasn’t too bad. This way I could’t run too fast too. And because we participate in the Hoge Veluwe loop in 2 weeks, this was a perfect way to see how this kind of trail feels while running not too fast.

We had a perfect day, lots of sun and warm. The only thing that wasn’t that great was running through high grass for about 1 kilometre with lots of spider webs. But I took a stick and held it in front of me.

I enjoyed this trail and am sure I will run it more often!

Our route:

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