Since I have a Synology NAS I wanted to install Joomla on it. I didn't have any plans with this install but wanted to try it. The install of Joomla was not that hard, first phpMyAdmin, than mariaDB and at last install Joomla. It worked just fine right out of the box.

There was an update immediatly available, a new version of the Dutch language file so I wanted to update this. I tried but got a error: JFolder::create: Path not in open_basedir paths

It was not that hard to find the solution to this problem and it is simple.

  1. Log into your NAS and go to Configuration > Webservices > tab PHP-settings (translated from Dutch)
  2. Add a bit to the setting open_basedir at the end of the line: :/volume1/web/
  3. Save this and now your updates or installs in Joomla should work, it did for me

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