In some cases you would like to change the way a Joomla!® Extension (such as a Component or Module, whether from the Joomla! core or produced by a third party) is displayed on your site. To do so you don't need to rewrite the Extension from scratch. There is another easier way.

The standard output from any Joomla! Module or Component can be overridden by adding code to the "html" directory of your template. The files that are created here, are the Template Overrides. More information and screen shots can be found in our FAQ.

Template Overrides are almost limitless. They allow you to change the standard Joomla! core output (add, edit and remove parts). The Template Manager in the backend can be used to create the necessary files for an override. We will show you how to use overrides as alternative layouts.

There is a website where you can find these template overrides, or if you have one to share you can add it. This website is  

At the J and Beyond 2015 this project won the J.O.S.C.A.R. as "Innovation of the Year". Take a look, maybe you can find somthing usefull!

At this moment release candidate 2 (RC2) of Joomla 3.4.4. is released so it can be tested by the Joomla community. There are 245 issues being solved in this new small update. You can take a look on Github if you want to know which issues are being solved. This is a link to those issues. You can also take a look at the issues of the development of Joomla 3.5 of 4.0 via the navigation on Github. These versions are of course still in development.

The release date of Joomla 3.4.4 is scheduled on tuesday, 8 september. You can find the announcenment of the release on


So since the last article there has been changes. There has been a discussion about the shirt now and as far as I know the first shirt is preferable. A designer has been asked to do some Joomla-fying of the shirt and some statements on the shirt have been discussed. The goal is to have a propasol in week 33. As I don't personally have the contacts I can't give a time frame where the the shirt should be available, I try to help to keep progress. Whenever there is some more detailed information I will spam it into the world wide web through thise website and on twitter (@hansarnhem). So, the shirt that would most likely be the one being Joomlafied is of course here on the left, the details are below:


PA467 - 2 color men's SPORTSHIRT PROACT

  • 140 g/m2
  • Size: XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL - 3XL - 4XL
  • 2 color, multiple options



 {fa fa-exclamation fa-2x} This is a copy from:

Joomla has great plans for the future of the CMS. Below are a few of the ideas which have been raised for upcoming releases. When writing a revised roadmap we started by determining what we hoped to accomplish.

Light Core and Core Supported Extensions

Based on feedback the concept of a light core for the Joomla CMS was established. The next step was determining how to achieve a light core and what parts were necessary in this light core version. Obviously there are many opinions on how a light core should be realized, what should be included, and what should be removed. We determined a list of core components which should remain within the CMS and a list of components which could legitimately be removed from core and added to a ‘core supported’ extension category.


Core-Supported Extensions

  • Contact
  • Finder
  • Messages
  • Newsfeeds
  • Redirect
  • Search
  • Weblinks

Justification for this particular set of extensions is a result of much discussion and debate. One determining factor was the availability of better alternatives located through other third-party sources. Not all of the above extensions may have well-known alternatives but most do.

Note: It should be noted what is meant by a core-supported extension. The Joomla CMS is determined to offer an incredible level of backwards compatibility and stability to the community. This does not mean that the CMS should not be able to make progress. It merely means the progress should be handled thoughtfully and carefully. In order to make a light core CMS we must begin removing extensions. We must do so carefully and preserve backwards compatibility. Here is the plan to accomplish this goal.

Recently I was looking in the Joomla! shop and noticed there was no running shirt present. So I got into touch with Roland Dalmulder and Mike Vreeckmans and after some going back and forth we got to the point of asking the community if anybody else would like a running shirt. So Mike gave us a few options from a supplier and we made a quick list from this. As we have no female reactions so far there is no woman shirt available yet. The site where the links lead to are in Dutch or French language. But perhaps some google translate can help. 

If you have questions you can post a comment below, send a tweet to @hansarnhem or mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



PA467 - 2 color men's SPORTSHIRT PROACT

  • 140 g/m2
  • Size: XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL - 3XL - 4XL
  • 2 color, multiple options